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The life, art and travels of Catherine Osgood

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Catherine (Parker) Osgood was born near Arlington, Iowa and attended the University of Minnesota. She kicked off her career working at two Minneapolis department stores. Catherine moved to the Bay Area in the 1940s, worked at I. Magnin, and attended the California College of Arts and Crafts. She met and married Parkman Osgood and they settled in Santa Cruz where they built a house out of adobe bricks. They raised two sons.

Catherine exhibited her art and won numerous awards. She met with Ansel and Virginia Adams at their home in Carmel Highlands. Catherine loved the outdoors, hiked throughout the west, and rafted 312 miles down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Her travels took her across 22 of the world's 24 time zones to Bali, India, Russia, North Africa, Mexico, Japan, Central America, Europe and Yugoslavia. In 2006 she moved from Santa Cruz to San Francisco to enjoy the city's museums, restaurants and symphony. Catherine passed away in 2009.

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